How Are CBD Products Made?

Cannabidiol - better known as CBD - is one of the most popular and fascinating health products of the last few years. It can be consumed in a wide variety of ways; CBD Oil can be metabolized with 98% efficiency in the body. Edibles, tinctures, isolates, and topical creams are also popular ways of utilizing CBD, which can help with a multitude of conditions. CBD has been used to treat arthritis, acne, depression, epilepsy, and even cancer. 

CBD can be made from the hemp plant or the marijuana plant, which are two subspecies of the Cannabis plant. Many people worry that CBD products are the same thing as marijuana products, but these worries are unfounded. CBD is abundant in the hemp plant, but exists in very low concentrations in marijuana plants. Hemp is grown and harvested specifically for it’s fiber and for CBD, whereas marijuana is grown, using different methodology, specifically to produce the psychoactive THC. The CBD products you are using to treat your chronic pain make use of cannabidiol, which has been extracted from the hemp plant.  The FDA dictates that these products always have less than .3% THC. But how is the CBD extracted? Some companies subcontract different parts of the process, but Guud Mfg is completely vertically integrated, to ensure the best product, at the best prices.

Seeds, Plants, and Rigorous Testing

Guud Mfg tests throughout the process of creating CBD, and it starts with the seeds.  The seeds we use are of the highest quality in the Pacific Northwest, and specifically bred for this climate. They are thoroughly tested to ensure that we grow only the finest, most stable genetic strains of hemp. All planting and maintenance is done under our direct control, making sure that every plant has the best conditions in which to grow. 

Then the plants in the field are again tested, often repeatedly, to ensure that they are developing the levels of CBD, and that they are free of any heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, you need to consider the source. There are many different strains of the hemp plant in existence, and they are not all equal. Manufacturers need to find a plant that is naturally high in CBD, while being lower in other phytocannabinoids such as THC. Plants are specially bred for this; look for a manufacturer who has their own, high-quality, proprietary strain of CBD.  This one of the most basic tenets of the Guud Mfg product- the attention to detail, quality, and a completely secure supply chain throughout the process. 

Harvesting the Plant

Oregon has been called the “Napa Valley for Hemp” because conditions here are so optimal for the growth of the plant. The harvesting process is unique in that the material can be dried naturally in the field, using a traditional technique called wind-rowing.  This isn’t possible in other places because the plant will become compromised with mold and other problems.

Method Of Extraction

Once the best hemp strains have been selected and cultivated, they are ready for extraction.  In the case of Guud Mfg, we have our own extraction facility, so this work is done in-house. This is another example of a situation where not all CBD products are created equal; when shopping for CBD products, it’s important to look for a manufacturer that takes every step of the process seriously. They should be emphasizing quality control, and not only testing the product throughout the manufacturing process, but controlling every step to ensure accountability. The extraction process should always be completed by professionals, in a systematic and safe way.

Alcohol Extraction

One of the best and most efficient methods of isolating CBD from the hemp plant is to perform an ethanol extraction, also known as alcohol extraction. After the hemp plant is cured and dried, it is soaked in ultralow temperature ethanol.  The alcohol will absorb the CBD and other phytocannabinoids. Ultimately, the alcohol is evaporated, leaving only the CBD oil behind. This can then be consumed directly, or refined further into other products, such as edibles or capsules. 

The advantage to ethanol extraction is the simplicity of extracting CBD in this way. It is an energy-efficient method that allows for high-quality extraction. Also, ethanol is classified as safe  by the FDA and is already used in many common foods and medicines.

Further Testing

Each product is again tested by a third party laboratory to ensure a consistently high quality.  From the seeds to the final product, everything produced by Guud Mfg is tested a minimum of 5 times. It is our mission to provide the best CBD products available, and through vertical integration, also be able to offer reasonable prices. 

Finally, the products are packaged and prepared for sale.  When you, the consumer, completes a purchase on the Guud Mfg website, the products are shipped directly to you.  Then you (and your pets) can start to experience the benefits, and understand the multiple uses, for all the tinctures and balms.